To Make a Rainbow - God's Work in Nature

  • Lenn E. Goodman Vanderbilt University


The Torah lays out a rich idea of God’s governance in the Scroll of Esther: Circumstance lays the warp, but human choices weave the woof of destiny. God remains unseen. Delegation of agency, including human freedom, is implicit in the act of creation: God does not clutch efficacy jealously to his breast. Biblically, God acts through nature, making the elements his servitors. Miracles do not violate God’s covenant with nature. Maimonides, following rabbinic homilies, finds them embedded in that covenant. Divine agency is clearest today in evolution and its special case, the emergence of autonomy and the rise of consciousness and personhood.
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Goodman, L. E. (2015). To Make a Rainbow - God’s Work in Nature. European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 7(4), 137-156.
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