Euteleology Meets/Needs Idealism

  • Thomas Schärtl Univ. Regensburg


The paper compares the non-standard theistic notion of God as presented by John Bishop and Ken Perszyk in their so-called “euteleological” concept of God with idealistic, especially Hegelian and post-Hegelian concepts of the divine. Both frameworks not only share striking similarities, based on their guiding intuitions, but also share notable problems that have already discussed in 19th century speculative theology. The article offers some proposals to strengthen the euteleological concept of God ontologically – based on the insights coming from post-Hegelian discussions.
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Schärtl, T. (2019). Euteleology Meets/Needs Idealism. European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 11(1), 83-116.
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