An Analytic Theologian Stance on the Existence of God

  • Benedikt Paul Göcke Ruhr-Universität Bochum


The existence of God is once again the focus of vivid philosophical discussion. From the point of view of analytic theology, however, people often talk past each other when they debate about the putative existence or non- existence of God. In the worst case, for instance, atheists deny the existence of a God, which no theists ever claimed to exist. In order to avoid confusions like this we need to be clear about the function of the term ‘God’ in its different contexts of use. In what follows, I distinguish between the functions of ‘God’ in philosophical contexts on the one hand and in theological contexts on the other in order to provide a schema, which helps to avoid confusion in the debate on the existence or non-existence of God.
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Göcke, B. P. (2013). An Analytic Theologian Stance on the Existence of God. European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 5(2), 129-146.
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