Two Kinds of 'Christian Philosophy'

  • Winfried Löffler University of Innsbruck


It is controversial whether ‘Christian Philosophy’ is a useful or even consistent notion. After providing some historical background to the problem, I will distinguish and explicate two possible understandings of ‘Christian Philosophy’ which should be kept apart: a ‘Thomistic’ and an ‘Augustinian’ one, of which the latter has garnered more attention in the recent literature. A sketch of the most prominent current ‘Augustinian’ position (Alvin Plantinga’s ‘reformed epistemology’) leads to some considerations for why a ‘Thomistic’ understanding of ‘Christian Philosophy’ has more to recommend it, if the term is regarded as useful at all.
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Löffler, W. (2013). Two Kinds of ’Christian Philosophy’. European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 5(2), 111-127.
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